AT 111 Fibonacci’s Revenge Sequence

  • Duncan or Krispy Kreme
  • Nano Pump
  • Robby robots 
  • Star Wars New Years gaming consoles
  • Blame it on the boogie
  • Pantera hardies 
  • I don't know what cabbies are 
  • Fibonacci's revenge Sequence  
  • Finally get to what cabbies 
  • Executive begging cup
  • Sports
  • Kings pistons and NFL

AT 110 Slick Meat

It’s another lost episode! This one was recorded right before Thanksgiving but the Trio didn’t bother being grateful for anything. Have a listen and then go have some fun. But be thankful for it.

  • Switching up the format and the intro music!
  • Captain Agenda has been dishonorably discharged and is now simply Mr. Agenda
  • JLP does NOT like Nate Dogg. At all.
  • Adventures at gang camp
  • Racial profiling is the shark fin of racism
  • Mort tells a rhetorical joke
  • Name the fake deathcore band
  • The benefits of being grateful
  • Guessing how much money movies made
  • True Confessions AND Updates!

AT 109 Growth Potions

It's not exactly a lost episode but for some reason we're publishing this one after 110 and 111. Why? It's important for our relationship with you to keep things fresh and interesting. This time we talked about a whole bunch of things you're going to love! So after you listen make sure to hug your parents and go have some fun!

  • Washing your car
  • White genocide and minority Jedis
  • Quiz time: drug names
  • Mr. Radio Voice grew a beard
  • Watching people play video games on YouTube
  • Not smell your own shit or your roommate not smell your shit
  • Shitting on Star Trek
  • Nurse Radio Voice is moving in
  • Chewing on tar
  • Line etiquette
  • Witch mud
  • Who wrote The Goonies?
  • Making potions for a living

AT 111 Falcon of Nonsense

Hey friends, the AT squad squeaked this one out just before the new year. They talk of important influential film such as Blood Sport as well as lesser films like Star Wars VII. Of course there is mounds of other important stuff, like He-Man and G.I. Joe so sit back and bask in the chaos then go have some fun.

AT 110 Guitars That Sound Like Horns

This time on the Anonymous Trio we learn that Captain Agenda was dishonorably discharged from the Coast Guard and is now simply Mr. Agenda. As such, the rest of the trio had to step their game up and keep the show rolling. Mort tells two rhetorical jokes, JLP quizzes the trio on death metal band names and Mr. Radio Voice breaks out a spreadsheet of 5,000 movies and how much it cost to make them.

So if you've never tried any of your pa's chaw, give the trio a try and then go have some fun!

AT 108 Easy M

It's been awhile. Go have some fun!

AT 107 Trains

They talk about trains man, trains! Live, love, listen, then go have some fun! Write at follow @trioanonymous.

AT 106 Smells Distinctly Different

Ever been hit by a sock with something filled with something unpleasant? Ever wondered what it would be like to dress up at Comic-con? Ever wonder if Jr Lollipops will ever find love? Well, this one answers all those questions and more. They even had a guest pop in @TheFatalSiren to chat about the cosplay scene which was awesome. The AT squad seemed to have fun, so now it’s your turn – go have some fun.

AT 105 A Demerit of Some Kind

Anonymous Trio is in full swing and odly no scat with this one. In this episode, they cover  celebrity wealth, whining, and then wrap up with tales of when they were rapscallions up to know good.You deserve more, so please if you do nothing else, go have some fun.


  • Grade school disciplinary measures
  • Observations
  • Jerry Garcia Tattoos
  • Bill and Ted
  • Celebrity Wealth
  • Opera
  • Spielberg
  • Dr Dre 
  • David Copperfiled 
  • Madonna 8
  • PDiddy
  • Gloria Estephan 
  • Kathy Ireland 
  • Tom Cruise 
  • High school parties
  • Dear Amy and Uhh Yeah Dude

AT 104 The Perfectly Stupid Range

We all think we know more than we actually do, but Anonymous Trio proves once again that they don't. Put on your parka and lock-in to this adventure of wonder, splendor, and jack pine savages then how could you not go have some fun?


  • Observations

  • Chronic Lateness

  • Presidential Height

  • Hofstadter’s law

  • Fooled by Randomness: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  • Dunning Kruger Effect

  • Slang for Ugly

  • Dup De Doo

  • Micro Scatting 

  • Poo Pourri

  • How much do your underpants cost?

  • Boot cut underpants

  • WTF Barack Obama

AT 103 Some Like it Hot

Some like it hot – the AT squad seem to like it funny then awkward and uncomfortable. That's just a small part of an all around good cast but like always, we give our three fans (Agghead, Fooseball, and Dr. Rockwell) the real deal what ever. Standard fare: updates, non sequiturs, work, paranoia, public shaming, arguments, callbacks to old episodes, strip clubs, sarcastic isms, then they say go have some fun, but I'm not sure they did, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't. acx2p75f  

AT 102 Pizza Steve & Trash Island

Do you ever wonder what happens to your trash when you toss it away? Well, the AT squad imagine a wondrous place called Trash Island where its two inhabitants bask in their wealth of filth. Isn't if fun when our old friends get together and think of exotic locations and adventures such as these? It doesn't happen very often, so lets savor yet another episode and then go have some fun.

AT 101 I Had to Wear the Heavy Shoe

You don't always get what you want when you want it, but sometimes you get a random Anonymous Trio Episode out of nowhere. This one they even seemed to have their stuff together. They had topics, made calls, and talked all kinds of stuff – they even started up some old traditions, like making Jr. Lollipops get back on the dating horse or have to contribute to Ted Cruz's campaign. Well, lets just cherish this rare occasion then, like always, go have some fun.

  • JLPops birthday
  • Ashley Madison
  • Porkus
  • NADS
  • NOS drink
  • The Alabama  
  • Back Hug
  • Master Blaster (again)
  • Did you get the email
  • The Yakuza (movie)
  • Uilleann pipes
  • Sexually Transmitted Restless Leg
  • Out of office reply
  • Rockwell Phone in
  • Deen Phone in
  • Nurse Radio Voice Phone in
  • Time of our life
  • Scat attack
  • Long John’s in Cereal

AT 100 Congratulations To Us

Well they finally did it! Who of the three of us who actually listen to the Anonymous Trio would have thought that they would have made it to 100 episodes? Dean showed up, Agghead called in, they left a message for Dr. Rockwell, and even unsuccessfully tried to get a hold of Foosball. Sit back and enjoy 1 hr and 25 mins of the best cast they've done in the month of March so far, then go have some fun.

AT 99 Time of Our Lives

This one was quite a musical episode which digs deeply into Disney, professionalism, the dentist, and Long John Silvers. Would they survive in the wild with only Transitional Lenses? They decide that they most likely they would not, and then end up having the time of their lives at the end so stick with them until then and then go have some fun.


  • Maine
  • Latkas
  • Survival
  • Transitions Lenses: @27
  • Cosby
  • Sea Bass and Monk Fish
  • Hush Puppies @28
  • Disney
  • Dentists and oral hygiene
  • Radio Voice's OCD / recycling issues
  • C.H.U.D.
  • Pico Jomsa
  • Relationships

AT 98.5 Donde Rappa

Hey bros, it's been awhile and we've got no time for this or that. Go have some fun!

AT 97 Shoot It Through The Top of Your Head Into Space

Sometimes drastic times call for sarcastic measures. This one the fellas give their two cents on the civil unrest happening these days. Don't worry, it doesn't last that long. After getting into it, they quickly segue into being their normal immature selves and talk of normal stuff like horrible dates and Psychology Today. Too tired to write a list of topics for the Google bots, so until next time, do us a favor and go have some fun.

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AT 77 Vials of America

Yet another remastered lost episode recorded in 2012! The gents haven't casted in a while and in this episode, Captain Agenda, Mort, Junior Lolly Pops and Mr. Radio Voice discuss changing the name of the podcast. Give it a listen to find out if they changed the name...actually, wait. The name is the still the same. But tune in anyway and then go have some fun!


  • Breaking up and then getting a new haircut
  • Canned pumpkin lattes
  • Gambling on elections
  • The president doesn't matter
  • Cheese Burgers in Paradse
  • The Supreme Court
  • Buying adult diapers in bulk
  • Gaining monkey strength in a surprising way
  • Ninja Gold and Vials of Action
  • Margaritaville, Italy
  • Zipper or Button fly
  • Jelly trees and jelly straws
  • Are there any ska fans left?
  • FMK: Goth kids, Hipsters and Ravers
  • Hot air balloons and hang gliders
  • Mr. Radio Voice's wedding news (spoiler: it didn't happen)
  • The fiscal cliff and debt ceiling
  • Meat salad cannon

AT 96 Milking Chi Chua Chuas

Life is full of questions like, what do you keep fresh up in the cloud? does Second Life still exist? how did the Duck Hunt gun work? and is watching The Suite Life of Zack & Cody as embarrassing as it seems? I think you can trust that the Anonymous Trio get to the bottom of these and more. And, before you judge, just remember that we all have true confessions.

Topics Broached:

  • Mail order brides
  • Zack and cody
  • Right hand vs left
  • Mort vs Happy
  • Happy vs Right
  • Is Lollipops still the best?
  • Milk Man Dave
  • Media binging and Netflix
  • Wipe out American Ninja Warrior. 
  • Float Trips
  • Episonomy
  • Sally Twiz 

AT 76 Five Steps to Change

What, another lost episode? Yes folks, treasure has been found in the recesses of Captain Agenda's hard drive and this one is bright and shiny ready for consumption. Recorded in 2012 and featuring Dean of all people, the AT Squad sit to talk and tell us about the five steps to change, then how to avoid them. Man, I think this one is having fun, by just listening to it, so have some fun, then go have some fun! 

Topics Discussed: 
  • Religious upbringing
  • Fabulous Fast Fried Chicken
  • Baby milk
  • Mimosas and pancakes
  • Karo
  • Shasta, Pasta, and Canasta
  • Diet plans
  • Teen dean
  • Wilderness Family
  • Dirty Diana

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