AT 109 Growth Potions

January 7, 2016

It's not exactly a lost episode but for some reason we're publishing this one after 110 and 111. Why? It's important for our relationship with you to keep things fresh and interesting. This time we talked about a whole bunch of things you're going to love! So after you listen make sure to hug your parents and go have some fun!

  • Washing your car
  • White genocide and minority Jedis
  • Quiz time: drug names
  • Mr. Radio Voice grew a beard
  • Watching people play video games on YouTube
  • Not smell your own shit or your roommate not smell your shit
  • Shitting on Star Trek
  • Nurse Radio Voice is moving in
  • Chewing on tar
  • Line etiquette
  • Witch mud
  • Who wrote The Goonies?
  • Making potions for a living