AT 77 Vials of America

August 13, 2014

Yet another remastered lost episode recorded in 2012! The gents haven't casted in a while and in this episode, Captain Agenda, Mort, Junior Lolly Pops and Mr. Radio Voice discuss changing the name of the podcast. Give it a listen to find out if they changed the name...actually, wait. The name is the still the same. But tune in anyway and then go have some fun!


  • Breaking up and then getting a new haircut
  • Canned pumpkin lattes
  • Gambling on elections
  • The president doesn't matter
  • Cheese Burgers in Paradse
  • The Supreme Court
  • Buying adult diapers in bulk
  • Gaining monkey strength in a surprising way
  • Ninja Gold and Vials of Action
  • Margaritaville, Italy
  • Zipper or Button fly
  • Jelly trees and jelly straws
  • Are there any ska fans left?
  • FMK: Goth kids, Hipsters and Ravers
  • Hot air balloons and hang gliders
  • Mr. Radio Voice's wedding news (spoiler: it didn't happen)
  • The fiscal cliff and debt ceiling
  • Meat salad cannon