AT 105 A Demerit of Some Kind

July 11, 2015

Anonymous Trio is in full swing and odly no scat with this one. In this episode, they cover  celebrity wealth, whining, and then wrap up with tales of when they were rapscallions up to know good.You deserve more, so please if you do nothing else, go have some fun.


  • Grade school disciplinary measures
  • Observations
  • Jerry Garcia Tattoos
  • Bill and Ted
  • Celebrity Wealth
  • Opera
  • Spielberg
  • Dr Dre 
  • David Copperfiled 
  • Madonna 8
  • PDiddy
  • Gloria Estephan 
  • Kathy Ireland 
  • Tom Cruise 
  • High school parties
  • Dear Amy and Uhh Yeah Dude